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La Traviata, Skylight Theater In any era, Violetta is a diva role, and soprano Julianne Borg measured up. She's leggy and sexy enough to be a pop star. As an actress, she threw herself into the role with unrelenting ardor. Violetta is among the most challenging roles in the repertoire, as it calls for both vocal heft and agile coloratura. Borg has both, along with an unerring feel for the harmonic and emotional pressure points in a phrase. Her singing delighted the ear even as it broke the heart, which is the whole point." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Tom Strini "Julianne Borg as V is phenomenal. She could probably sing a high "C" standing on her head. Her voice is so fluid, so flexible, so effortless, so beautifully resonant with every given emotion. She is truly breathtaking as both a singer and an actor." Gmtoday - Julie McHale La Boheme, L'Opéra-Théâtre de Limoges The soprano Julianne Borg, who came to this production via the Vienna Opera, is the indisputable star of this production. She has not only the innate qualities of a Mimi, but she has mastered the technical difficulties of the role as well. Such depth... blazing and brilliant, perfect in intensity, her voice lends just the right amount of charm to her character. This star is called upon to shine on the biggest stages on the planet. La soprano Julianne Borg qui vient d’être contactée par l’opéra de Vienne, est la star incontestée de cette représentation. Elle possède non seulement la carrure d’une Mimi, mais elle maitrise aussi les difficultiés techniques du rôle. Cette profondeur ... solaire, éclatante, parfaite d’intensité, sa voix donne á son personage ce supplement de charme. Cette étoile-là est appelée à briller sur les plus grandes scenes de la planète. Le Populaire - Jean-Francois Jullian Let's begin with Julianne Borg who plays Mimi with a naturalness that we love. Without being frail, or pressing, (Mimi) appears as a woman aware of the difficulties of life. With well-mastered technique, and warm vocal tones the simplicity of her interpretation gave us a Mimi who was in no way pathetic. Commençons par Julianne Borg qui interprète Mimi avec un naturel que l’on aime. Sans être frêle, ni appuyé, le personnage apparaît ici sous les traits d’une femme consciente des difficultés de la vie. Technique maîtrisée, timbre chaleureux, l’interprétation dans sa simplicité évite tout pathos. Forumopera.com - Sylvain Angonin Il segreto di Susanna, The Orchestra Now (TŌN) ...Julianne Borg, whose supple voice and unflappable stage presence made Susanna a heroine to reckon with... Super-conductor-blogspot.com This un-staged and un-costumed performance became a showcase for two wonderful voices: baritone Michael Kelly and soprano Julianne Borg. Both were flawless in their delivery, pacing, modulation, and genial humor. They are both at the beginning of serious careers and we expect to be delighted by their singing at future appearances. Dailyblaguereader.com Little Women, New York City Opera ... Worra's Amy and Julianne Borg's Beth were more vividly etched characterizations, but their defining vocal moments, occur only in the Act II... Borg was nonetheless emotionally convincing and appealing free of self-pity in Beth's death scene. Opera News - Joshua Rosenblum Don Giovanni, Salzburger Landestheater Julianne Borg as Elvira is no Desperate Housewife, but rather a piteous deceived woman with amazingly tragic depth and aplomb in her voice. Julianne Borg ist als Elvira keine Desperate Housewife, sondern erbärmlich Betrogene mit erstaunlich tragischem Aplomb in der Stimme. Salzburger Nachrichten - Karl Harb Farnace, Salzburger Landestheater The trouser role of General Gileade was memorably embodied by soprano Julianne Borg. Die Hosenrolle als Feldherr Gilade verkörperte einprägsam die Sopranistin Julianne Borg. Die Neue Merker – Wien Udo Pacolt Julianne Borg in the trouser role of Gilade has both the perfect physique and the required vocal talents for the role. Julianne Borg in der Hosenrolle des Gilade bringt passgenau Figur und stimmliche Anforderung zur Deckung. Salzburger Nachrichten - Karl Harb
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